Support an ACEs@home episode

ACEs@home is fully based on volunteering. We don’t do it to generate any financial benefit but only for the community and from the community.

Because of that we are looking for organizations or companies willing to support future episodes. Being a fully free event for attendees, we have to cover the costs of the Zoom account used to host the events.
As we target a monthly schedule, the sponsoring would correspond to the Zoom costs for one month, which corresponds to a single episode.

Based on current attendance numbers, more than 1,800 registrations, we need to use the Webinar add-on for up to 500 users on top of a Pro account. With the current pricing the amount is of 154.99 USD or 143.99 EUR or 123.99 GBP.

With 1 month of Zoom subscription we can host 2 Episodes.

Your benefits:

  • Logo and mention on website of the event
  • Logo and mention in the mail announcing the event (including a full paragraph of text)
  • Logo and mention in the banners and social media posts
  • Logo in the registration page
  • Logo and mention during the event: at the beginning and in between the sessions
  • Logo and mention in the mail announcing the availability of the recording (including a full paragraph of text)
  • Logo in the “cover” of the recordings

Registrants will be able to “opt-in” to have their details shared with the sponsor. 

Please get in touch with the form below for more details.