For all its quirks and licence fees, we all love Oracle for what it does. But sometimes we want to get the data out to use elsewhere. Maybe we want to build analytics on it; perhaps we want to drive applications with it; sometimes we might even want to move it to another non-Oracle database—can you imagine that!

With Apache Kafka as our scalable, distributed event streaming platform, we can ingest data from Oracle as a stream of events. We can use Kafka to transform and enrich the events if we want to, even joining them to data from other sources. We can stream the resulting events to target systems, as well as use them to create event-driven microservices.

This talk will show some basics of Kafka and then dive into ingesting data from Oracle into Kafka, applying stream processing with ksqlDB, and then pushing that data to systems including PostgreSQL as well as back into Oracle itself.

Speaker: Robin Moffatt
Title: “Integrating Oracle and Kafka”
Presented on: Monday, June 15th 2020, 15:20 CET