Oracle Data Guard is the premier replication technology for the Oracle database, Enterprise Edition. It has been around for what feels like eternities and yet there are quite few users of Data Guard who aren’t aware of the bells and whistles the product offers. And there are quite a few!
This talk addresses some of the less well-known Data Guard features that proved to be extremely useful in the presenter’s opinion. Features to be covered are the switchover-readiness-assessment, the use of physical standby databases for RMAN and storage level clones, delayed redo application to prevent data corruption, recovery from services and many more. In addition to these direct benefits of using the technology Data Guard offers different well-understood protection modes. What is less well known though is what impact a choice of protection level can have on performance on the primary database, including features that can alleviate some (at a price).
After this session attendees should have a better understanding of the various options in the Data Guard offering and how to use the product effectively in the life of the production DBA.

Speaker: Martin Bach
Title: “Things you may not yet have known about Data Guard”
Presented on: Tuesday, June 16th 2020, 15:20 CET
Slides: coming soon

Audio issues in the recording are fixed at 01:55. Only Martin’s “about me” part is missing, the topic of the session is in good audio quality.