Do you spend a lot of time working with SQL Developer?​ In that case, you will already know many of the great features it has. You will also have developed a way of doing routine tasks. You might have accepted a few quirks.​ Maybe it’s time for having another look at your old tool?​ ​ Robert and Sabine will talk about the little but effective features that can make your life easier and more beautiful: Preferences to tweak, shortcuts to use, changing the appearance:​ SQL Developer doesn’t support color themes out of the box, but fortunately, the Java Swing framework does. We show you how to change the looks by enabling an almost dark/flat mode for your SQL Developer. ​ Now you’re set, you might want to connect to a database – why else should you bother?​ Not every database can be reached via SQLNet from your Client directly. To connect to your prod or cloud database, you can set up an ssh tunnel through the firewalls.​

There is no need to do that manual upfront – SQL Developer makes it easy to set up and use ssh tunnels. We show you how to do so and provide some background information.

Speaker: Sabine Heimsath, Robert Marz
Title: “Make yourself at home – in SQL Developer”
Presented on: Wednesday, June 17th 2020, 14:10 CET