Moving to the cloud provides a great opportunity to standardise infrastructure deployments. The most reliable way to standardise probably is to automate it all. There are multiple tools out offering their services.

One of the more popular ones is certainly Terraform. But how does it work, what can it do, and how do you use it best? An informed opinion is always preferable to relying on vendor white papers, and this is what the session aims at providing. After a brief introduction to Terraform you will see examples deploying network, storage, and virtual machines into the Oracle cloud using just a few keystrokes. Its declarative language allows users to make changes to the infrastructure without first tearing it all down. Using Terraform is an incredibly flexible way to restore order in the chaos that is an infrastructure deployment with historical roots, and hardly anyone would deny the benefit of standardised environments.

At the end of this presentation attendees should have a better understanding of the capabilities of the Terraform for deploying infrastructure into the cloud.

Speaker: Martin Bach
Title: “Terraforming the Cloud”
Presented on: Wednesday, November 4th 2020