Is it a no-brainer for a DBA to prevent unwanted connections to an Oracle database ?
In the form of a discussion, Martin and Flora address important organizational and technical issues regarding this topic.
How to grasp the business needs concerning access policies ? How to deal with a complex environment with hundreds of databases, from 10g to 18c ? What kind of technical solutions can be implemented according to a company’s situation ?
From both a technical and management perspective, they present benefits and practical examples of different solutions like Connection Manager, Database Service Firewall (ACL), logon triggers, audit & report methods, and to what extent you can combine them.
This presentation focuses on helping you understand the big picture and choose among different solutions what best fits your specific situation.

Speaker: Flora Barriele, Martin Berger
Title: “Keep them out of the database !”
Recorded on: Tuesday, May 5th 2020